Why Get LASIK Eye Surgery?

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If you wear glasses or contacts, there have probably been times where you found them cumbersome or annoying. Especially if you lead an active lifestyle, glasses and contacts can be a massive annoyance. Luckily, modern technology has provided the means for you to be able to ditch your glasses for natural perfect or close to LASIK eye surgery can fix your eyesight | Kirk Eye Center Chicagoperfect vision.

LASIK vision correction is safe, common, and effective. Many patients undergo this procedure each year, and most walk away with 20/20 vision - or even better. We live in an age where you can obtain better vision from a 15 minute procedure... why would you not get LASIK surgery?

If you are interested in improving your eyesight and ditching your glasses, call Kirk Eye Center today at 708-397-8114 to schedule your free LASIK consultation. We have offices in River Forest and Gurnee.

Live An Easier Active Life with LASIK

Many types of outdoor and recreational activities become much easier and less of a hassle when you don't need glasses or contacts. Examples include:

  • Swimming: No fear of losing your glasses in the lake after you've gotten LASIK. You can also enjoy clear vision at the pool, with no need for specialty swim goggles.
  • Jogging and hiking: Every glasses-wearing jogger or hiker knows the joys of glasses that slip down the nose and fog up while you're just trying to finish your route. LASIK can take care of that.
  • Camping: Putting in contacts first thing in the morning without easy access to a clean bathroom or mirror isn't the best start to the day. Finding that your glasses broke in your backpack is even worse.

Even if you don't lead the most active lifestyle, LASIK can still make your life easier. Imagine waking up in the morning and not needing to fumble around for your glasses before you can even look at the clock. Traveling without having to bring contact solution and your glasses case. Taking a nap without having to take your contacts out first.

Save Money In the Long Term with LASIK

Another benefit of LASIK is cost-related. Although LASIK surgery can seem like a big expense, over time it can actually save you money. Glasses and contacts can end up being quite expensive when you add up all the costs over the years.

We know that the cost of LASIK may seem to be out of the budget of a lot of people. However, we offer LASIK financing plans to help you afford this revolutionary treatment. We sincerely believe that LASIK can improve the lives of many of our patients, and we want to help you reach your vision goals in an affordable manner.

Our financing plans can be customized to fit almost any budget. Please feel free to ask us about LASIK financing during your consultation, and our patient coordinator will work with you to come up with the best plan.

Schedule Your LASIK Consultation

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