What Is Visian ICL?

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How Does Visian ICL Work?

While LASIK is the most well-known treatment for nearsightedness, not everyone is a candidate for it. Visian ICL is an equally effective treatment that can provide the convenience of a glasses-free life to patients who are not LASIK candidates.Visian ICL is a great alternative to LASIK | Kirk Eye Center | Chicago

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Unlike LASIK, which reshapes the eye in order to achieve better vision, Visian ICL works by implanting a vision-correcting lens into the eye. In fact, ICL stands for "implantable contact lens" or "implantable collamer lens." Collamer is the natural, biocompatible material that the artificial lens is made out of.

If you are not a candidate for LASIK due to dry eyes, thin corneas, or extremely severe nearsightedness, then an ICL may be a great alternative. Visian ICL does not require a corneal flap, which means the risk for developing dry eye syndrome is much smaller than with LASIK. In addition, if your corneas are too thin for the corneal flap creation, you can still have an ICL placed.

Other benefits of Visian ICL include:

  • Quick, painless procedure
  • Reversible
  • Provides UV protection

The collamer lens provides some natural UV protection, so your eyes are protected from the sun even if you forget your sunglasses. In addition, the lens can be removed safely. If your prescription changes or better technology is developed in the future, these changes can be accommodated.

What is the Visian ICL Process?

Having an implantable contact lens placed is a quick and painless procedure. No general anesthesia is needed, although we will give you a sedative to ensure that you experience minimal to no discomfort during your treatment.

First, the eyes are numbed with drops. Then, tiny incisions are created in the eye, through which your doctor will insert the lens. The whole procedures takes only around 20 minutes, after which you can go straight home. You'll need someone to drive you, though! Your vision will be blurry directly after the procedure, but will likely clear up by the next day.

After your procedure, you'll be given special eye drops to use to aid recovery. We'll also schedule a follow-up visit for you to check on your progress and address any concerns. Your vision may fluctuate for the first week or so as your eye heals, but don't worry, it will stabilize.

How Much Does Visian ICL Cost?

The cost of an implantable contact lens varies depending on:

  • Region
  • Provider experience and expertise
  • Complexity of your case
  • Your prescription

During your Visian ICL consultation, we will give you an exact quote and break down our pricing for you as well if you'd like. We will also let you know the total cost including follow-up care and prescription medications. You don't have to worry about any "hidden fees" with us.

If you are hesitant about the upfront cost, we do offer eye surgery financing plans that can help you fit this procedure into your budget. Plus, although the costs may seem high initially, over time Visian ICL is a worthwhile investment. Glasses and contacts can add up to significantly higher costs over the years.

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